Monday, April 14, 2008

Lilacs in Full Bloom

Every season we bring back limited edition fragrances, and springtime is no different. This time of year happens to be my favorite, for many different reasons. From the crocuses and tulips pushing their way through the cold winter ground, to the birds singing and shining their faces up toward the sun, spring is a new beginning. Sometimes we just adapt to the cold, dreary days of winter and forget that spring is a surety to come. Albeit a necessary reprieve, winter can seem to last forever. Spring, however, is a time of renewal.

Today we just made our second batch of Garden Lilac Soaps and Candles. Soon we will be bottling our moisturizing lotions infused with our 'nature's duplicate' lilac fragrance. As I attempted to go to sleep, I couldn't help but smell the oil on my hands. It seemed to flow through my blood, and then, I began thinking... I reminisced about my grandmother, Lydia, who left a lasting impression on me.

Lydia was a soft-hearted woman that said only a few words, but spoke a multitude. Her quiet, caring ways will always live on in my heart, and I cannot help but think of her, especially during spring. I can remember being about 5 or 6 years old, and staring up at the magnificent lilac bushes that graced her garden. They were very mature and stood about 20' tall, although as a little girl, they seemed to be as tall as Mount Rushmore. Year after year, she graciously welcomed us to pick her fragrant purple treasures, and as a family we enjoyed them.

From hardy roses to abundant peonies, fragrant lilacs and the many delightful colors emerging from her spring bulbs, grandmothers garden was by far the grandest. Her garden wasn't fabulous because she was wealthy, but quite the contrary. To the worlds standards, grandmother was poor. Her garden treasures were in such abundance because she was wise: she continued to propagate, nurture, prune, water and care for each one without a hint of neglect. This wisdom made her rich.

It came as a sweet surprise to me when I learned that the name Lydia means "seller of purple". Although grandmother had passed away many years ago, (almost 20 now) her encouragement has continued to live on in my heart. After already being in the 'lavender' business for several years, I found it ironic that the one person who seemed to fuel me all these years has become somewhat of a namesake. For this reason, I have felt inspired to re-name our line of lilac products this year. "Lydia's Garden Lilac" will grace the shelves of Gabriel's Garden beginning Saturday, April 26th during our annual Spring Fling celebration at the shop. We will offer samples of our treasured hand cream to our guests, and hope that you will all stop by to visit. Who knows? Maybe you have a fond memory about your grandmother that you would like to share with us...


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