Monday, April 9, 2012

12 Ways To Use Lavender For Your Wedding

Love is in the air... and the sweet scent of lavender is sure to accompany with these lovely wedding ideas. Lavender will help soothe those wedding jitters for the bride and the groom while offering a unique -and fragrant- spin on tradition. We hope that these ideas help to spark your imagination, and get your creativity flowing...

For the Ceremony itself:
1. Fresh lavender in the Bridal and/or Bridesmaid bouquets add color and fragrance. Dried Keepsake Bouquets of roses, lavender and rosemary are also very can add a card or message to the bouquets with the legend of each flower. (The Language of Flowers used by the Victorian's provides an in-depth meaning to each flower/herb. For instance, Lavender is the flower of "Devotion", Rosemary is for "Remembrance", and Roses, depending on the color, depict "Love", "Purity", etc.)
2. Pressed lavender programs (or invitations) will help turn the ordinary into extraordinary! You can make these yourself, and each will be a one-of-a-kind.

3. Lavender buds in the ring bearers pillow scent the ceremony for the Bride, Groom and wedding party -it can be very aromatic, romantic and memorable. The pillow fragrance will last forever and can find a place on your bed to hold the memory and freshen your linens.

4. Dried lavender buds for the flower girls to strew down the aisle fills the space with scent.  As the bridesmaids follow, stepping on the buds releases even more fragrance that will last throughout the ceremony.  (You need not be concerned about clean one has ever objected to the lingering scent of lavender in the vacuum cleaner)

5. Bunches of dried lavender tied with big bows at each pew or row of chairs adds a beautiful ambiance. Dried lavender stems can be cut to any length and made just the right size to work with the bow.

After the Ceremony:
6. As a wedding toss, place dried lavender flowers in little cones made from pages of a romance novel -or book of poetry-  and give them to each guest to toss over the departing Bride and Groom. Dried lavender will not harm birds.

For the Reception
7. Dried lavender bouquets in little vases or in a large centerpiece are very popular. For an outdoor or more casual wedding, use mason jars or metal buckets tied with pretty ribbon. For formal weddings, use European style urns or antique vases.
8. Add culinary lavender to the food! Lavender can enhance the food and beverages served at the Reception.  Many delicious recipes can be found in The Lavender Gourmet to make lavender scented cakes, ice cream, cookies and punch.

9. Tie the seating cards to a little bouquet of lavender. What a charming way to help each guest find the way to their table!

After the Wedding
10. Store your wedding gown in a cloth bag or a large box with acid free paper and tuck in a lavender sachet to keep mustiness and moths away.  A young woman of the future may want to wear your dress!  Tuck lavender scented shoe stuffers into your shoes to keep them new and fresh.

11. Add 5 drops of lavender to 1/4 cup Epsom Salts, mix well, and add to tepid bath water. The lavender will help soothe sore muscles and erase provide a bit of stress relief after the big day.

12. Take a nap with a silky eye pillow filled with flax to soothe your eyes and lavender to ensure restful sleep and sweet dreams, or give yourself a mini foot massage by adding a couple drops of lavender to your favorite lotion.

Lavender is one of the most beloved herbs and scents in the world and is
equally enjoyed by men and women so use it liberally and experiment with your own creations! We would love to hear stories of how you brought lavender into your wedding!

Lavender Dreams,
Jennifer Vasich


shabby chic og lavendel said...

So many gorgeous photos you have here, and all the recipes... Love it!
I want to show your blog to my readers and hope that is ok for you.

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Catharina from Norway. said...

As always a completeley adorable post by you. I love your ideas. Many people buy my <a href="”>French Lavender Silk and Linen Pillows</a> as wedding gifts. Keep the happy couple relaxed!

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Simply beautiful. I love your site.