Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scented Sentiments

I recently came across an article I wrote a few years back while organizing some files on my computer. It was published in the Summer, 2008 issue of Gabriel's Garden Magazine. (A short-lived publication that we once produced with a great zeal and ambition...before the quick realization of how daunting, tiresome and tedious producing a magazine truly was.) We loved the magazine, but between running two businesses and raising a family, there simply wasn't any more we could give...and so, the magazine had three issues.

In any event, we thought that it would be a great thing to share with all of you. With December being the most hectic month of the year for so many people, this idea is sure to offer your friends and loved ones a nice break from their day! Enjoy! -Jennifer

“A handwritten note is like dining by candlelight instead of flicking on the lights, like making a gift instead of ordering one, like taking a walk instead of driving. Handwritten notes will add a lot to your life. You can still use the telephone or the Web for the daily chores of staying in touch, but for the words that matter, it’s courteous, classy, caring and civilized to pick up a pen.”  ~Margaret Shepherd, author of The Art of The Handwritten Note

When the daily mail arrives, do you find yourself sifting through all the mess, and feeling your stress levels rise when it seems there's nothing but bills? When a pretty handwritten envelope arrives, do you immediately set that one aside to open first? In this high-tech world, a handwritten letter is a limited commodity that few people take the time to create yet everyone treasures. Give yourself a break from the fast pace of life to tell a friend or loved one how much they are cared for using the sentiment of a handwritten note. The letter doesn’t have to be elaborate, in fact, we suggest keeping it simple. Using your favorite pen is a must. It helps to unlock the creative side of your brain and gives you the satisfaction of liking your own handwriting. Start first with a rough draft and then make necessary edits. Copy your letter onto your favorite stationery, in your best handwriting. The most common mistake that people make is being too critical of their own handwriting. If it doesn’t look like John Hancock penned it, don’t worry! The recipient will love it. For an even more personalized appeal, try your hand at creating Lavender Scented Stationery to send your correspondence. The recipient will treasure the essence of your fragrant letter from beginning to end, and you may even find that writing gives you a restful, and much needed reprieve from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living.

Lavender Scented Stationery

It’s like tucking a fresh little bouquet of Lavender into every envelope!

Squeeze a lavender sachet (or two) and place in a box with your favorite stationery. Allow the lavender oil from the buds to infuse your papers for 2-3 weeks before using. Your writing papers and envelopes will be filled with the essence of the French Countryside!

“To love a person is to learn the song that is in their Heart, and to sing it to them When they have Forgotten." — Author Unknown

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Rudee said...

Years ago, I was sick and used lavender to help me combat the effects of the migraines caused by the medication I had to take to get well. Lavender was the only thing that made me feel better.

I've been enjoying your posts. Thank you for the ideas.